We’re always working hard at The Stottie Company to go above and beyond; to continually look at every aspect of all we offer to make sure it’s as perfectly suited to our customers and clients as it can be.

If you’ve been into our shop in Middlesbrough Train Station recently, you’ll have no doubt noticed some changes. Big and small alike, one of the most notable has to have been the introduction of our flat white – it’s definitely gone down a treat!

And when we look at our corporate catering (which we proudly provide to clients in Middlesbrough, Stockton and the wider Teesside area), we’ve been working hard on a new menu, which you can now download here.

Giving you more control over what you can choose (but also understanding a little guidance is often welcomed!), we’ve had some extremely positive feedback to date, which we’ll always take with a smile on our face!

And so if you’re looking for corporate catering in Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas, download our new catering menu, explore the options and then get in touch to discuss – speak soon!

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